Check back in December for the 2024 scholarship application

Welcome to the Adams County Community Foundation scholarship program. Several scholarship funds are available exclusively to Adams County Students including the Adams County Scholarship Fund, Charles Hugh McGovney Scholarship Fund, Earl and Helen Johnson Scholarship Fund and C.E. Smith Family Scholarship Fund. These funds were created through the generosity of current and previous residents of Adams County.

Our scholarship program is administered by our partner, the Scioto Foundation. We use the online application that can be accessed directly through the Scioto website at or through the scholarship application tab below.

The application will be accessible online Monday 12/12/2022 and will close 3/15/2023.

Before beginning the online application, please be aware there are over 150 scholarship funds with different criteria and hundreds of students applying for them. A computer software program helps match applicants with qualifying scholarships. For this reason, it is necessary that several questions from different scholarship funds be answered as you complete the application. By answering these questions, it is possible you may also qualify for a Scioto scholarship fund.

The application requires two letters of recommendation as explained on the web page. A video is available on the website to anyone needing assistance preparing a letter of recommendation.

Help is available! A video on the website provides detailed instructions on completing the application. You can also contact Ginnie Moore, scholarship coordinator, at 740-354-4612, by email or the Adams County Community Foundation at 937-544-8659 or by email
Good luck! When you are ready to begin just click the application button below: