Attorneys and Professional Advisors

The Foundation will work with attorneys, financial planners, wealth managers, real estate professionals, and philanthropic advisors who are dedicated to carrying out their clients’ charitable goals while helping to build assets in the Adams County Community Foundation.

Discussing Charitable Opportunities

Many people have a strong desire to give back to the community but may not have thought about how this could best be accomplished. As a professional advisor, you are in a unique position. You can help your clients achieve their financial goals and personal dreams, and at the same time help the community expand its philanthropic resources.

Giving through the Adams County Community Foundation is an easy way for your clients to support their favorite charities or interests through one organization. There are several options to consider as they explore charitable giving opportunities.

These may include:

  • Making a gift now or through their estate plan
  • Selecting the type of fund that best meets their charitable giving goals
  • Determining the type of assets they would like to give

Community Foundation Advantages

Because the Adams County Community Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) public charity, there are distinct advantages to connecting with us:

  • All gifts are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law
  • We are free of the many administrative costs and restrictions laced on private foundations
  • We pay no excise taxes and have no annual minimum payout requirements
  • Donors with funds in a community foundation submit no separate tax filings
  • We keep administrative costs to a minimum, so more of each dollar actually goes to charity

The Foundation is a natural choice for the charitably-minded individual with strong ties to Adams County. Attorneys and members of the Professional Advisors Network play a significant role in helping the Foundation maintain this distinctive tradition.

We can help you meet your clients’ needs. Call us at 937-544-8659.


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