Good Reasons to Give – subtab
These days we are overwhelmed by options to make a charitable donation. We
see ads on TV or in print urging us to support cancer research, diabetes research,
the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, United Appeal or any
number of worthwhile causes, and we encourage you to continue supporting the
charities you care about.
Unfortunately, we’re asked to donate so many times, by so many people and
organizations, that we can become desensitized to the needs around us and fail to
act all together.
With all these options, why should you donate to your Adams County Community
foundation? You’ll help people close to home and multiply the impact of your
Here are other good reasons:
 We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.
 We have broad knowledge regarding community issues and needs.
 We can help people invest in the causes they care about most.
 We accept a wide variety of assets.
 We offer maximum tax advantage under federal law for most gifts.
 Endowment funds benefit the community forever and help create personal

IRA Charitable Transfers – subtab
Are you over the age of or approaching 70-1/2 and must take a required
minimum distribution (RMD) each year from your traditional IRA? By working
with the Adams County Community Foundation to take advantage of a traditional
IRA qualified charitable distribution (QCD), you may transfer any amount up to
$100,000 to a 501(c)(3) public charity and not have it show in your income for tax
purposes, resulting in substantial tax savings for you. A married couple with two
separate IRAs may take up to $200,000 tax free annually.

The Adams County Community Foundation offers eligible individuals several
options for QCDs. Transfers may be made to create a Scholarship Fund, which
encourages education by providing scholarships to deserving students based
upon your suggested academic interest or other criteria. A Field-of-Interest Fund
that supports a particular area of interest – such as children, education, animal
welfare, health or the environment and relies on the Foundation’s expertise to
determine where community need is greatest, is another option. Traditional IRA
assets also may be used to create a Community Impact Endowment Fund, which
enables the Foundation to help address our community’s changing needs by
increasing discretionary grants awards and undertaking new initiatives. And
finally, one of the most popular ways for individuals to use IRA assets is to
establish a Designated Fund through the Foundation that will make grant awards
to your specific charity or charities.
Please contact us directly at 937-544-8659 if you want additional information
about IRA charitable distributions.